A Much Deeper Sigh 


A much deeper sigh is always in there 

Don’t you ever wonder why? 

Do you face it all like a lamb or like a lion? 

Oh the grip you take to handle on what you surely know 

A taste that’s like the seasons when you let it flow 

Breathing in and out 


A much deeper sigh is always in there 

Even through the forces of an age 

The seas may scuttle us and all the lands can even change 

Ah but a captivated heart in tandem with a captivated mind 

Oh the taste that comes when they gloriously combine 

To leave a lot of all those old shadows well enough behind 


Patience is a name 

Been given to something 

Can you now somehow please explain? 

This new space shines an often most frustrated space 

Ah a virtue they say but I still hesitate 

I sense new movement I cannot co-operate 

Something free me 

Oh a much deeper sigh 

A much deeper sigh 


Words and Music Ger Lane (c) 2007